Sustainable Approach

Sustainable Approach

“Nature has gifted us things in abundance. Think!”What have we returned to it?” The answer will be nothing. Neither we have, nor can we. At least we can preserve it in the best possible way.”

With this thought, Kadam Organics has always stressed on returning to nature as a thanksgiving for its beautiful gifts to us. Organic farming is a powerful way by which we can not only receive nature’s blessings but also work to preserve it in its true form. It doesn’t mean to go back to the traditional farming method, instead of its the best cultivation practice to raise the crop in such a way that the soil remains alive and in good health. Eliminating the harmful implementation of chemicals for more productivity, Kadam Organics has adopted the most sustainable way of cultivation by using high-quality seeds, compost of organic waste with beneficial microorganism and organic ways of replenishing soil nutrients for more productivity along with high quality and in eco-friendly pollution less manner. Our sustainable approach has benefited in many ways to us and to our mother Earth.

Soil Conservation: We provide training to our registered farmer of the measures for soil conservation that included the formation of bunds, boundary plantation, and systematic farmland management, to avoid soil erosion. Furthermore, the elimination of chemical fertilizers has benefited from avoiding soil and water pollution at a large scale.

Water Conservation: We are working in regions where agriculture is totally dependent on monsoon. Especially in the Phalaudi cluster where monsoon is on fortune, water conservation plays a vital role. Our training to farmers enables them to implement the techniques and ways to conserve water, also to reduce water wastage by adopting sustainable irrigation methodologies.

Bio-diversity Enhancement: Bio-diversity Enhancement: Kadam Organics with its organic farming works for maintaining the natural health of farmlands. Chemical-free cropping attracts honeybees, birds, etc. that resulted in an enhancement in the biodiversity of the region. Also, it resulted in additional income sources for the farmers.

Give and Take relationship: The main objective of Kadam Organics is to maintain equilibrium between nature and our needs. Whatever we are taking from nature, returning it in another form for a healthier relationship by promoting sustainable agriculture, soil conservation, water conservation, biodiversity enhancement and plantation of rare endangered species.