Quality Control

Quality Control

Presently, Kadam Organics has a registered cultivation & collection area of 16027 hectares with 1050 farmers. The overall cultivation area is categorized into three clusters on the basis of their geographical locations.

Kadam Organics is a center of excellence in following standard quality control measures for offering premium quality organic products with all naturally inherent ingredients and quality. We closely inspect and monitor every minute step and process involved in providing naturally & organically grown products to our clients without any adulteration, no use of chemicals and hygienic handling.

Let’s have a glimpse of our quality control measures and methodologies-

Quality Procurement:

(a) Certified Sources

With 1050 registered farmers and 16027 hectares of registered cultivated & collection area, we peculiarly select each specific product from certified sources only. In the case of medicinal herbs, we maintain the ethnicity and ethical harvesting practices to be followed. Also, we conserve the natural vegetation in our cluster. Our farmers are vigorously trained for following our 3R principle i.e. Right Propagating Materials, Right Agricultural Practices, and Right Harvesting. At each stage starting from seed germination to pre-harvesting, samples are taken for laboratory testing and screening. Only after clearance, sourcing is performed. Notably, harvesting at the right time at natural maturity is given due concern.

(b) Pre-Cleansing:

To maintain the quality and eliminate the unwanted agricultural residue(mammalian excreta, general filth, etc.), we perform pre-cleansing of the sourced product. It also helps in grading and batching of the organic products on the basis of their quality parameters. Also, removal of unwanted substance at the initial stage before transfer to processing units avoids any possible harm or damage to the content while transferring. After pre-cleansing, botanicals are packed in HDPE polymer bags while maintaining the required moisture and other environmental factors. We strictly disallow any use of irradiation or sterilization techniques that can alter the desired properties.

At present, we have a certified pre-cleansing facility at our Jadol cluster.

(c) Quality Check before processing:

After arrival at the processing unit at Udaipur, our qualified and well-trained quality control inspectors collect the samples for analysis. Women are predominately employed for this job. Collected samples are tested for their quality parameters and desired characteristics using various standard and certified testing methodologies. Only after sample approvals, the sourced batch is taken into further processing. It’s how we maintain our motto of providing the same quality from farm to end-use.

Quality Testing:

Kadam Organic is globally known for its quality control practices. Our avowed claim has a firm base of quality testing parameters that also distinguish us from other market players. We perform third party laboratory analysis to check the ethnicity, monograph requirement, technical parameters, microbial presence or any other physical contaminants on the client’s demand. We offer analysis certificated with each of our products.

Here are some of the testing parameters and adopted methodologies.

Ethnicity Identification:

It is performed to each sourced batch to ensure and verify the correct acceptance of required botanicals. Preliminary macroscopic and sensory test methodologies are adopted to check perceivable parameters like color, taste, odor, appearance, texture size or any visible contaminants.

Moisture Content:

Extensive moisture not only reduces the shell life of botanicals but also makes it more susceptible to get affected by fungus, molds or bacteria. Moisture content is identified and maintained at the prescribed limit.

Structural Analysis:

A detailed structural analysis up to the cellular level is performed for the exact identification of species by adopting microscopy. This methodology is adopted to get ensured of no adulteration or mutation to the original cell structure.

Microbiological Analysis:

Microorganisms can be naturally injected into the farm or wild-harvested products while growing phase itself and can cause harmful effects on consumption. We follow the standard and verified testing methodologies for identifying the presence of microorganisms like E.Coli, Salmonella, Total Aerobic Bacteria, Yeast Mould, Coliforms, etc. In the case of the presence of high microorganism content, organic sterilization techniques are adopted.

MRL Compliance:

Samples are tested for pesticide or chemical residues to check the undetected use of any chemicals while growing. Our compliances to MRL ensure our clients of no chemical content.

Heavy Metal Testing:

Due to many unidentified sources, heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc. can present in a significant amount in naturally grown organic products. Considering the harmful impacts of heavy metals, extracted samples from each batch are tested for heavy metal content.

At Kadam Organics, we perform third party laboratory testing to ensure the perfect quality to our clients. We also offer a detailed analysis report with each of our products.

Quality Handling:

No artificial techniques:

Kadam Organics don’t use any inorganic treatment methods including irradiation, X-ray, ozone, Ethylene Oxide, Gamma radiations, etc. Also, no practices have been used for artificial maturity or ripening. We only use certified steam sterilization and other organic techniques for hygienic storage of products.


With our every product, we mark “Date of harvesting”, “Date of processing”, “Utilizable time period” and other details to ensure our customer of the finest quality and freshness. Our transparent policies and ethical business practices make us unique in the domain of organics.

Well trained farmers, staff and handlers:

Our every individual in the entire supply chain is well trained and qualified to handle the products efficiently. Our every product is professionally handled, processed and packaged with due compliances to all government and certification authorities.


Following the strict measures to record every aspect and unitary steps of the supply chain, we provide the facility to check the track record of any product at any stage. Record tracking enables us also to analyze the overall process and then to find out effective solutions for enhancing performance.

Certification and Document:

Adopting transparency as our core business policy, we voluntarily offer our customers to have a copy of all our certificates, laboratory analysis reports or any relevant document they wish to check personally via email. Our customers can write to us at info@kadamorganics.in for any query.