“KADAM” is a Hindi language word, meaning “Step” clearly defines KADAM ORGANICS as a step taken for the promotion and implementation of organic farming to obtain nature’s produce in its best available form. Nowadays when chemical and other artificial techniques are in vogue for mass agricultural produce that not only harm the inherent natural characteristics of products but also the end consumer in uncountable ways. KADAM ORGANICS breaks the trend by favoring organic ways for better production in terms of quality.

We are a young organization with zeal to develop an integrated model for diverting marginal farmers from their prevailed farming ways to the domain of organics and medicinal herbs that not only benefits our environment but also to the cultivators in economic and social terms.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mr.Chandresh Lekhari,Mr.Bhagwan Patel & Mr. Keshav Meghwal, we have a team of highly skilled and well-trained professionals to carry out our holistic approach with higher efficiency. Our integrated development model includes training programs, awareness drives, infrastructural facilities, technical support, and marketing guidance to the rural folks on organic agriculture practices to upheaval their livelihood and living standard. Presently, we are more focused on small landowners and marginal farmers who have less income due to conventional agricultural practices, more losses due to unfavorable weather conditions or other reasons. We are diverting them to the organic farming of medicinal herbs for more benefits and higher return on investment.

With a certified cultivation & collection area of 16,027 hectares and 1,050 registered farmers, Kadam Organics is a one-stop destination for obtaining quality assured organic vegetables, fruits, pulses, beans, and medicinal herbs. Our belief in good agricultural and collection practices (GAPS), collective approach, integrated and sustainable development model make us pioneer in providing unequivocal quality assured organic products and services. We follow all the guidelines and practices that are mandatory for monitoring and quality control of the organic produce. We are certified by various government regulatory bodies and authorities for our adopted practices.

Our Approach

Considering the marginal farmers and small landowners as development units and women equivalent to men, we work for encouraging organic agriculture, medicinal farming and wild collection for the uplifting of their livelihood, social and economic standard by introducing their products to the world market.

Our Vision

  • To promote organic farming and encourage Indian farmers for good agricultural and collection practices with more emphasis on marginal farmers.
  • To explore the domestic and international market for organic products for achieving the maximum return on investment through fair trade practices.

Our Mission

  • To implement our integrated development model with a participatory approach while involving all Organic Grower Group, Wild Harvest Collectors and other stakeholders in the process of planning, implementation & monitoring of development activities.
  • To attain the utmost customer satisfaction by supplying our customers with exceptional quality certified organic products.
  • To maintain compliances with standards, rules & regulations of both national and international regulatory bodies and agencies.
  • To support natural sustainable organic agriculture practices that serve, honour and protect Mother Nature.
  • To support the livelihood and well being of farmers in rural India by contributing to their economic sustainability